the Men's ensemble singing Longest Time in rehearsal

A Super Evening at our Spring Concert

An enormous thank you to everyone who came, sang and supported us at our Spring Concert on Saturday 9th April. We had a magnificent evening. The atmosphere was wonderful and the audience feedback was overwhelmingly positive. One gentleman just loved that the set list was so inclusive and engaging, “He said, I’ve been to a lot of concerts, but I love how you have included everyone in the show, the audience as well!”

We had three professional singers in the audience too and they were very complimentary, mentioning how well we sang a Capella, particularly the men’s ensemble and in Bridge Over Troubled Water. They said how hard it is to stay in tune without accompaniment, but that we did it! A few audience members have been to all three of our shows, since we formed a year ago, and it was especially heartwarming to hear that they recognised significant improvement again since Christmas. Well done everybody, you did yourselves proud.

As promised, we recorded the show, and Jim has prepared these tracks so you can listen again to the recordings of some of the songs we sang on the night!

Bye for now,

Cheryl x

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  1. How nice to get such positive comments. We certainly enjoyed being part of it and it was a very fitting anniversary celebration. Can’t wait for the next one.

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