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Saturday 22nd July


Want to join our Kingston choir?

We're about to start our summer term and have a selection of gigs and events coming up. If you're interested in joining the choir in April, you're very welcome to get in touch now so we can organise a slot for you.


Eclipse is a friendly choir, led by director, Jim Hawkins, with the aim of creating a beautiful choral sound. Jim selects a broad-ranging repertoire, from traditional choral works through to new arrangements of contemporary songs, that keeps us on our toes! At Eclipse you'll receive high quality teaching, direction and musical insight, with the goal of building singing skills and delivering a moving performance. Therefore, we do expect a positive, open-minded attitude towards learning, and a level of commitment to attend weekly rehearsals and put in some rehearsal time at home - of an hour or two per week.


Our Monday choir (Total choir) is an SATB choir and has spaces for 2 x soprano 2 x altos, 3 x tenors, and 2 x basses. Singers should be able to read music to at least a basic level.


Our Thursday choir (Focus choir) is an SSAA choir and has spaces for more altos. Whilst it is not an absolute requirement to read music for this group, it is something that you should want to learn.


If you are not certain of your voice part, or if it's been a long time since you last sang in a choir, please book an audition, as Jim would like to listen to your tone and range in order to suggest the right section for you. The audition is a blank slate and doesn't rely on your history of singing in other choirs. Your voice is what we want to hear! 😃

About the audition

Auditions are private at Jim's home studio, with no need to prepare a performance of any kind.  Jim will take you through some exercises to hear your tone, range, pitching, listening, rhythm etc. And you can ask any questions about his approach to teaching and directing. Above all, this audition will ascertain if you're a strong enough singer to fit well into our choir.




Email Cheryl at to organise a slot.

Waterloo Sunset

by Eclipse Choir

& Seventh Avenue Singers

as seen on BBC One BBC Music Day

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Summer Rehearsals

Starts 17 | 04 | 2023

Weekly rehearsals at All Saints Church, 14-16 Marketplace, Kingston


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