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13 weeks to Form, Storm, Norm and PERFORM!

Our story so far

In May 2015 the Eclipse Choir was born; an audition-based, score-reading choir built of amateur singers ready for a new musical challenge. We settled into the Hillside Church in Wimbledon twice a week for rehearsals, with a group of 50 voices meeting on Mondays and 80 on Thursdays.

Reading music for the first time

Most singers were new to reading music and learning from scores and they showed great courage and tenacity to learn so quickly. With consistent teaching of appropriate need-to-know music theory, aural training and regular practice, singers improved their pitching and score reading dramatically and even progressed to writing down simple music notation by ear within a few weeks.

Investing in our singers

As a new-formed, training choir it is important to give our singers the opportunity to learn and obtain tools for themselves by providing extra tuition, comprising workshops and one-to-one sessions at times. These then can focus on areas such as vocal technique and health, performance training and confidence.

What you can do in 13 weeks

In 13 weeks we learned ten pieces in SATB and over 100 pages of music across the choir.  It's a massive achievement for our singers, so well done to them. They have boosted their confidence, gained new skills and within 13 weeks we've come from being no choir, to a choir performing to a sold-out theatre in Richmond Upon Thames!